Help keep wildlife hydrated

THE temperatures we experience in the Goulburn Valley during summer can be quite uncomfortable. Wildlife, including birds, have no way of escaping the heat outdoors. Native animals can sadly suffer terribly and even die. Providing them safe access to water can help them cope during very hot days.

Leave shallow dishes of water in the shade. However, try to avoid metal dishes unless they’re in full shade as they will get very hot in the sun. If you can, put dishes high up/in trees to help keep wildlife safe from predators.

Shallow bowls are best, as small birds can become trapped and drown in deep dishes. If you only have large bowls or buckets on hand, place large twigs or rocks/bricks inside to allow any trapped animals to get free.

If you have a bird bath, keep it clean and fresh for birds to drink from. Remember to keep native wildlife safe from your own pets, especially cats.