Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I want to talk about the council wasting ratepayers’ money (on the Maude Street Mall) when quite a few ratepayers want to see free parking introduced.

Maybe that could come up at one of your meetings to give ratepayers free parking and also free trips to the tip. Free parking will see more people in shops to spend their money.

Yours sincerely,

Maureen Trinder




Dear Editor,

Unfortunately, I consider the four present proposals for the redevelopment of the mall as sheer financial and business madness.

The cost of $15M to $18M is out of this world, and will not make much difference to the traders or public. Malls no longer work. Certainly, what is there needs to be greatly improved. Any state or federal funding would still leave at least $6M to be found by the ratepayers and this would be on top of the debt for the new SAM.

I believe The Mall is a failure and cannot be saved as a mall. It needs a lot of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and free timed parking. Shepparton does not need a mall.

I believe what should be done is as follows,

1.Retain the existing base and footpaths.

2.Have single-lane, two-way, slow moving (20kph) traffic between High Street and Fryers Street, with bitumen covering the concrete of the road.

3.Have parallel parking (as much parking as possible).

4.The wide footpaths be covered with an attractive coating, and the former mall be made more attractive overall.

5.The existing children’s playground be moved to Fraser Street where the lawn is now, and the eastern half of Fraser Street to become ‘The Mall.’

6.The multideck be made more attractive with painting, lighting, accessibility, and signage, and traffic lights at Corio Street.

  1. Incidentals like improved drainage and electricity can be taken care of.
  2. The council remove parking meters from the CBD and budget accordingly for free, timed parking.
  3. The wide, attractive footpaths would be used for coffee areas, etc. Two bollards for each verandah post.

The estimated cost of my proposals is $4M or less, and would produce a good result and could proceed very soon.

Yours sincerely,

Marshall Richards