Students take a look at big machines

EXCITED WITH BIG BOY TOYS... Rural studies students from Assumption College, Kilmore look at a 620 Versatile, from left, Emma Tomlin, Kimberley Tyack, Joe Barry, Jamie Hoctor-Turner and Tyler Kenyon. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

32, year 12 VCE students from Assumption College in Kilmore visited Dookie College and Goulburn Valley Ag on the Goulburn Valley Highway to take in some of the characteristics of some big machinery.

Assumption College runs an agricultural stream that includes new and innovative technology in agriculture.

Dookie Campus of Melbourne University has an operating robotic dairy that the students took in.

Mark Lewis and Christian Barnett at Goulburn Valley Ag showed some of the latest in broadacre ag machinery including the monstrous 620 Versatile, a track machine that has a 15l engine.

Teachers Frank Pereira and Nicole Sanderson from Assumption College led the excursion.

“Some of the students are from the land and more than likely will continue on and return to the land once they have finished school and university should they go there, the course we run is to set them up for a career in agriculture,” said Frank.

Goulburn Valley Ag put on lunch for the students as they took a look at some of the machines on show.