The Sherbourne Terrace Family

GREETING VISITORS STAYING THE NIGHT... Receptionists Hannah Crosbie and Liana Barber. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

Employing locals is something the Sherbourne Terrace knows all too well the importance of, as it helps to build a strong local economy.

There are around 60 staff as part of the Sherbourne Terrace family who take care of the kitchen, bar, TAB, housekeeping and reception areas to ensure each visitor enjoys their time as much as possible at the Sherbourne.

Managing director, Nick Zurcas said, “Because we are open 7 days a week there is someone here all day every day of the year.

“It is crucial for the town to employ locals. The town can’t survive without job security.

“This hotel has been here for over fifty years under different names and over that time it has seen the creation of hundreds if not, thousands of jobs in that time.”