Using waste to make roads

RIDING ON BROKEN GLASS... In an experimental road base, Greater Shepparton City Council is using recycled crushed glass in its road base. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

AS we consume more, we create more waste product and finding opportunities to reuse these materials becomes even more important.

Greater Shepparton City Council has undertaken a trial of incorporating recycled glass and reclaimed asphalt pavement to renew part of Kialla Lakes Drive, Shepparton.

The new trial method incorporated the use of recycled glass and reclaimed asphalt pavement amalgamating it into the asphalt base layer.

Kialla Lakes Drive was chosen due to its condition and high traffic usage of over 7000 vehicles per day being a good test case.

Greater Shepparton City Council Director Infrastructure Phil Hoare said, “Council is excited about the new trial location for the recycled asphalt, the process is also very impressive with recycled materials being sorted, ground down and blended into the asphalt at the plant” Mr. Hoare said.

“Incorporating recycled glass sand into the base layer makes sense, using a waste product, recycling it to renew a road it’s better for the environment. We are very keen to explore every option we have to increase recycling and reuse of waste products that would otherwise go to landfill it just make sense and is something we will expand,” Mr Hoare said.