Women blazing trails in rural medicine

When it comes to leadership nobody does it better than rural women in the field of medicine.

President of the Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA), Dr John Hall, said that women in rural medicine have been trailblazers for their profession and were strong role models in rural communities.

“Rural medicine is one of the fields in which women have carved their own career path and led the way in developing flexible work practices and leadership roles, while providing a highly valued service to their communities,” Dr Hall said.

“Female doctors are in high demand wherever they go, and they are able to shape their careers around their family commitments, and their changing career goals and interests across their working life.

“There are many patients who are seeking a female health professional for all sorts of reasons, whether they feel more comfortable discussing their issue with a woman, or for their at times, different bedside manner, or the time and care they take with patients.

“Most importantly, they provide inspiration and encouragement for many rural kids who get to see, first hand, women with successful careers, who are leaders and respected members of their communities, and who provide mentorship for many young people, particularly those aspiring to a medical career.”

Almost everywhere you look in rural medicine you see highly successful women, making a real difference within their communities or organisations and demonstrating just what great careers are available for women in the field.