Council show benefits of going solar

WE’VE GOT THE POWER… The Shepparton Sports Stadium on Numurkah Road is just one of many local spaces around the region currently using solar. Photo: Supplied.

EARLIER this year, Greater Shepparton City Council installed solar panels at the Mooroopna Hub and Doyles Road Complex (DRC) buildings, with the new sites are already showing the benefits of going solar.

Since installing 170 solar panels at the Mooroopna Hub there has been an energy consumption decrease of approximately 42 percent between the months of March and April this year, while the 302 solar panels at the DRC has seen a decrease of approximately 32 percent.

Council endorsed an energy reduction plan in 2015 that set a target for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020.

The two new solar installations come following a busy 2018 for solar in the region, following huge installations of a 90kW system at the Welsford Street offices and a 30kw system at Shepparton Sports Stadium on Numurkah Road. Council also have proposed future installations for solar panels at Aquamoves and the Shepparton Saleyards.

Further to the huge Council-installed solar farms, Shepparton residents are also doing there bit. Local solar installations (10kW – 100kW) are still very popular, with around 389 noted home solar and small commercial system installations.

The introduction of hybrid and low fuel cars, and low energy globes in street lights have been some of the actions completed, alongside solar installations, creating a more sustainable environment.

“By creating a community that embraces sustainable energy, solutions would provide benefits not only today, but for many generations to come,” Greater Shepparton CEO, Peter Harriott said.

Greater Shepparton has more than 400 local businesses currently using solar within the town, reducing power bills and assisting to reduce the impacts of climate change.