How to lay instant turf


If it’s time to make your garden greener and you can’t be bothered waiting, instant turf is a fast way to create lush green lawn at your place. Installation is easy; simply follow these steps.

Prepare the area

Cover the area with topsoil and a wetting agent, spreading it out evenly and levelling it out. If you have clay, dig down 100-150mm and add sandy loam and gypsum. Then, spread lawn builder or start-up fertiliser and water down with a hose.

Lay the turf

Lay down the first piece of turf and butt it up hard into the corner. Lay the next piece at the end of the first and butt the ends together to form a clear edge without overlap. Start the next line of turf halfway up the first roll to create a brick pattern. You can use secateurs to cut the turf to size.

Cut around tree trunks or obstructions

If you have trees or anything else in the way of your turf, lay the turf all the way up to the spot and then cut the turf to shape as needed. Repeat this process on the other side.

Water in the new turf

For best results, water the turf and give it a good soak. Keep the turf wet for the first four to six weeks.