Interior design trends for Spring/Summer 2019/20


These days, trends seem to flash in and out of focus at lightning-fast speed. The Internet has helped facilitate such varied approaches to taste and there are now so many design options to choose from, meaning trends often occur concurrently.

The arrival of spring typically signifies the start of renovation season, typically alongside spring-cleaning. If you are looking to renovate or update your house during these warmer months, here are a handful of design trends currently making waves:

Maximalism: More is more

Minimalist design has been ruling the minds and hearts of many, especially those seeking to create sleek and clean spaces. So naturally, given the constant push-pull of trends, the maximalist design is set to soar. Indulgence, opulence, hedonism and humour are dominant forces in this trend and rather than having just one hero piece in the room, every item makes a statement.

Curves and circles

Curves are making a very major comeback this season. They appear in just about everything, from interior design to architecture to gardens. Keep an eye out for curved mirrors, rounded bed heads and artwork with circles.

Statement tiles

Inspired by the beautiful bathrooms in traditional Italian and Spanish design, statement tiles are making a big comeback. Escape the plain aesthetic of grey, white and black and embrace tiles with colour and pattern.

Let nature in

With our increasingly technology-cluttered lives, it’s time to reconnect with Mother Nature. Invite life into your home by adding potted plants, botanical artworks and objects with colours inspired by nature.

Modern art deco

Art deco was a hugely popular design trend in the early 1900s and is making an edited, major comeback almost exactly 100 years later. Art deco design utilises many of the above elements, particularly curves and statement tiles, to create fresh and playful spaces with bold shapes and colours.