Letters to the Editor



Dear Editor,

I find it very interesting that Suzanna Sheed and Wendy Lovell are now talking up the need for changes to bus timetables. To me, this issue is secondary to the need for proper rail services. We are constantly being told of the millions of dollars to be spent on rail upgrades, yet we haven’t seen any of it. About three weeks ago, I took the 7:16am Saturday morning rail service to Melbourne. There was no first-class carriage, no cafe service and the toilet in my carriage was out of order. It appears that V/Line allocates all the sub-standard carriages to the Shepparton line.

There were people arriving by coach from Griffith, Deniliquin, Finley etc. to connect with the rail service. These people have to start out very early and the lack of a cafe service on the train means that they can’t purchase refreshments until they arrive in Melbourne.

While it would be handy if buses could connect with the trains, this is not a particularly important issue for the time being. Most people drive their cars and park at the station. I am no longer driving. If there isn’t a bus running at the time I’m leaving or arriving home, I get a taxi. After all, there are two taxi companies operating in Shepparton, both offering a 24-hour service.

I would like to see the politicians delivering on their promises, rather than putting up smoke screens to distract us from the main issue.

Yours sincerely,

Ann Worcester