Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Chase the sun

WE see plenty of sunlight here in the Goulburn Valley and with our building boom in full swing, utillising solar power is a no-brainer.

Solar energy decreases your monthly electric bill and increases your home value. Your financial future suddenly seems brighter when you begin to see your savings from your electric bill each month.

Financial benefits aside, you can rest assured knowing you’ve done an incredible thing for the environment. You’ve taken advantage of the capability to generate clean, renewable energy, straight from the sun.

According to the EPA website, an 8.6kW home solar system avoids the equivalent of an estimated 9,606 pounds of carbon dioxide being released into the air each year, doing the work of approximately 50 mature trees. If your entire neighbourhood went solar, it would be akin to growing a forest.

So when considering your new build, or even your energy options for your existing home, do something environmentally and financially responsible and consider solar energy as your primary source.