Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Choose native plants

LANDSCAPED gardens are the finishing touch on a new property, elevating the visual appeal of your home significantly.

Considering we live in a regional city and surrounds, the use of native plants would ensure your garden is able to cope with the elements and suits the natural landscape of our region.

To ensure the successful establishment of plants it is important to match plant variety with aspect, drainage and soil type characteristics of your land.
By planting native plants in your garden, you will assist in the preservation of the natural landscape and enhance natural biodiversity. This will in turn attract native fauna to the garden by providing a source of food and shelter.

In terms of maintenance, local plants do not ‘escape’ from gardens to become environmental weeds. They require less water and fertiliser than many exotic species thus reducing salinity and limiting the amount of nutrients entering natural waterways, helping preserve our environment.

Tracy Lamont, manager of Billabong Garden Complex, said her top picks for native plants would be Westringias, Xanthorrhoeas, Grevilleas.

“Using native plants means you create an ecosystem in your own backyard. This provides a habitat for native birds, lizards and the like,” Tracy said.

When consulting with your landscape gardener or if doing yourself, keep native plants in mind when designing your layout.