Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Fine and unique meats

SOMETIMES the usual rotation of lamb, chicken and pork can get a little monotonous. While delicious, something extraordinary and different such as quail or rabbit adds a touch of variety to our taste palate.

With their delicately prepared selection of speciality meats and traditional European smallgoods, Krueger’s Fine Meats and Smallgoods has a growing reputation among foodies for their premium products with bold flavours.

In addition to all traditional cuts and varieties of meat, they have a range of unique items on offer such as lamb brains, black pudding and kangaroo just to name a few.

Emma and Martin Krueger have proudly operated the business for the last 11 years and are committed to continuing to deliver the pristine quality the local butcher is known for.
Sourcing specialty meat products is no problem for the team.

“If we don’t have it and you can think of it, we should be able to prepare it or get it in,” said Emma.

Taste the speciality products for yourself and visit Krueger’s Fine Meats and Smallgoods at 22 Colliver Road, Shepparton, or give them a call on 5821 5414.