Looking and feeling great

A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH TO HEALTH... Dr Moti Ram Ukrani and Dr Surendar Advani showcasing their cutting-edge Cryolipolysis machine. Photo: Stephanie Holliday

THE correlation between looking your best and feeling your best is undeniable, and botox and fillers are no longer a taboo with many of us turning to aesthetic medicine to help us slow the signs of aging.

They enable us to feel more confident and can even help with tricky health issues such as teeth grinding and excessive sweating.
There’s no need to travel to Melbourne with Kyabram Family Medicine offering anti-wrinkle injections and filler services in their modern, welcoming practice.

Dr Moti Ram Ukrani and Dr Surendar Advani have extensive experience in general medicine in addition to a vast range of other areas such as cosmetic medicine, women’s health and men’s health issues, senior’s health and antenatal care just to name a few.

Their philosophy is founded upon the of notion that prevention is better than a cure, medicine should be based on the best available evidence, the patient being at the centre of the whole treatment process, to improve the patient’s quality of life, and shared responsibility of care between doctor and patient.

“We believe in a comprehensive approach to all facets of one’s health and are passionate about integrating current and up to date research, knowledge, practices in caring for our patients,” said Dr Ukrani.

“Kyabram is a wonderful town and we are proud to be able to offer our professional services to our local community and beyond.” said Dr Advani.

Dr Moti Ram Ukrani and Dr Surendar Advani also offer Cryolipolysis, or ‘cool-sculpting’, scar therapy, sleep studies and herbal, alternative pain management therapies.

For all your health needs, Kyabram Family Medicine is located at 176 Allan Street, Kyabram, email enquiries can be sent through to [email protected] and they can be contacted on 5896 8000.