Mother’s Day gift ideas

FLOWERS APLENTY... Billabong's Sally Moseley with some of the floral ideas available for Mother's Day. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

“If I had a flower for each time I thought of my Mother, I could walk in my garden forever.” Alfred Tennyson (adapted)

It is an appropriate quote when we think of Mother’s Day and how we respond to it. The day itself is often represented by chrysanthemums, or ‘mums’, the classic Mother’s Day flower across Australia.

Just walking through a nursery at this time of year is a splash of colour and vibrancy. The staff at Billabong Garden Complex in Shepparton have been working overtime to get the colours blooming and in perfect condition ready for mums across the district to benefit should they receive plants or flowers and they have the living ‘mums’ in a range of colours.

But it is not just flowers or living plants that can be had, Billabong Garden Complex have a selection of beautiful things that are destined to be given as presents to mums on Mother’s Day. If you can’t decide among the many beautiful things, you can purchase a Billabong gift voucher and let your Mum choose her own special gift.

This weekend, walk in the garden at Billabong Gardens and let yourself think of your mum and choose the perfect gift you might find among the flowers and plants and beautiful things.

Billabong Garden Complex is located at 295 Numurkah Rd, Shepparton and is open seven days a week.