On Trend Interiors

EARLIER this year some of Australia’s best homewares, furniture and design minds met online to reveal the direction of our homes’ decor for 2021 and 2022. Amongst the trending styles expected were, a rise of shimmering metallics, neutral colours and earthy tones. 

These earthy tones; are said to be reflective of the wider Australian environment and encompassing of both the bush and the desert landscapes, and provide the type of grounding colours that work well with our bright, light-filled homes and predominantly white or neutral-hued interior walls. 

True to predictions, colour palettes that embrace a range of browns, terracottas, and muted-stone hues are now widely embraced, with countless stylish rooms now built upon these themes. 

When it comes to décor; unlike the trends seen in recent years – which largely supported a disposable culture, and mass manufacturing; this year’s trend certainly seems more environmentally and ethically conscious. Feature pieces that are both robust and enduring are making a big statement, both embracing, the unique or imperfect-looking and celebrating the artisan-made.

EARTH TONES ARE IN FASHION… This year trend is more environmental. Photo: Supplied