Time for change

Written by Rob Priestly, independent candidate for Nicholls
I THINK it’s time we changed the way politics is done, and I’m offering an alternative to business as usual.

I want our region to have a representative that lives by the values that are important to people in our community. Kindness, empathy, and compassion aren’t a sign of being in one political tent or the other, they’re a sign of being human.

If elected, I want to make sure the people of our region are put first, not the interests of politicians in Canberra.

Saving our local health services, improving mobile and internet coverage, and fixing the Basin Plan are my priorities. This is what really matters in our community, because they are so important to people’s lives.

Let’s put an end to the abuse, the muckraking, the rorts and corruption, and endless obsession with winning the political games.

I think people are more important than the pursuit of power. If you do too, please support our campaign.