Times they are a changing

MANAGING THE CULTURAL SHIFT... Michael Milburn, principal consultant at Milburn Hill Consuiltants. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

SMALL business is undergoing a cultural shift in how it operates, and it is performing noticeably better.

Business investment decisions are a challenge. For much of the time, small companies have looked at expanding their infrastructure, new equipment, bigger buildings and the like as they grow but, in a post-Covid era, things are changing.

A lot more is now being invested in their people. The past year has seen many companies trim back staff numbers as business went into a forced hibernation but as we begin to surge back to normality, companies are recognising their greatest assess is their people.

Michael Milburn, owner at Milburn Hill Consultants said, “Small business can now be seen to be investing in programs such as leadership and taking the time to improve on how they recruit. A lot more are engaging in strategic planning for the future as a lot found they were left wanting when the pandemic first took place.

“There is a definite cultural shift in local business. This region missed the worst of Covid however it has caused business owners to think ahead, having their people prepared to deal with continuity should something like that happen again.”

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