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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Letters to the Editor

Who needs a politician in a crisis?

A ‘State of Disaster’ is probably what happens when we have union and political party hacks running the show, as we have in benighted,...

Irrigators want a fair go

Dear Editor, Recent media reports indicate the SA Government has handed out $15 million in penalties for over extraction at the end of the Murray...

Cyclists in need of a lesson

Dear Editor, Wherever you live in any part of the world cyclists say they are unfairly treated. In Shepparton there are three types of cyclist, those...

GSCC Controversy

Dear Editor, Once again, the Greater Shepparton City Council appears to have embroiled itself in controversy regarding the ongoing issue of car parking. Following several week’s...

Nationals need to be their own master

Dear Editor, Will the Nationals continue on their downward path, or do they have the courage to take action and reverse the trend? It is a...

Are drought funds used for Mall development?

Am I the only one concerned that a Council planning decision has been changed to suit a few shops by the influence of our...