Kaitlyn + Maurie

From the moment Kaitlyn and Maurie met, they got along like they had known each other for ever, they had so many things in common, loved a good laugh and had the same goals for the future.

Kaitlyn even allowed Maurie creative freedom with the ring design after selecting a jeweller she loved the designs of.

“I wanted something special that had meaning, both our rings comprise of white gold and yellow gold. My engagement ring includes our birth stones and is engraved with our song, and it is asymmetrical,” said Kaitlyn.

As a unique wedding favour, guests were gifted a box of matches labelled ‘perfect match’ and custom tic-tacs printed with ‘mint to be’ featuring a barcode with the date of their wedding.

In terms of planning a wedding, the couple have this sage advice,

“Set a plan for what you want your day to look like, what is important to you as a couple and make goals for when each thing needs to be done. Hire vendors that are good at what they do so you don’t have to stress about anything and then, just have fun!”      @ Chloe Jones Photography