Leah + James

Leah and James are high-school sweethearts who have been together for over 11 years. They eloped and made sure the day was done their way and that they had fun.

There were a few sweet, unexpected touches to the big day. “We were surrounded by butterflies at our ceremony, it was so special that they came and visited us,” said Leah.

“Our day was set against a backdrop of rolling hills and a gorgeous landscape. It was perfect.”

Finding the right dress wasn’t easy through constant lockdowns. Leah was seeking something modern yet classical and through perseverance, she finally tried a gown on that felt like ‘the one’. Her ring is also timeless. Designed by James, Leah’s engagement ring features an oval diamond.

In addition to being great at designing engagement rings, James has some wonderful advice for couples who are in the midst of planning their nuptials.

“Your wife-to-be is always right!”      @ Alicia Flegeltaub Photography