Reducing mosquitos around your property

THE threat of Japanese Encephalitis virus is still present in our region and Greater Shepparton City Council is reminding residents to tidy up around their properties to help prevent the spread of mosquitoes in the area. 

Removing any locations around your home where mosquitoes can breed will help prevent residents from getting bitten, while helping to protect from any other infectious diseases mosquitoes can carry such as Ross River virus. 

“Protect your property from mosquitoes by removing anything around the home where water can collect,” said manager environment Sharon Terry. 

“It can be as simple as draining pet water bowls and children’s wading pools weekly, or ensuring water does not sit in unused pots, tyres, buckets or wheelbarrows.” 

Ms Terry said residents should also ensure lawns and gardens are trimmed back to reduce areas where mosquitoes can rest. 

“It is also important to cover trailers and boats, and overturn children’s playground toys to avoid water collection,” she said. 

“Finally try to limit outdoor activity where mosquitoes have a high presence. They are most commonly out during dawn and dusk hours of the day.”